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Welcome Honey Girl!

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There’s a new face around here…and it’s a pretty cute one! No, we didn’t have a baby, but we did bring home another pup! Here’s the story :

So back in September (September 8th to be exact!), Cam and I walked into Petco to get Tyson some food. This tiny girl was up for adoption, and the second we spotted her we both knew she was coming home with us. I walked over, picked her up and said “Hi sweet honey girl”…and that’s how she got her name!

 To say the first two weeks were an adjustment would be the understatement of the year. Turns out I was pretty well adjusted to life with our Tyson boy…and I severely underestimated how much having another little fur babe would change things. Honey girl was found in the streets of Bakersfield, CA all alone at only 4 weeks old, so she’s got some separation anxiety. It’s gotten much better in the 7 months we’ve had her, but in the beginning I couldn’t leave her sight without a whole lot of puppy tears. I felt overwhelmed by how attached she was to me if i’m being honest. But in time, Tyson started tolerating her, and then accepting her, and now we can’t possibly imagine this house without the sound of her little paws running around!

Honey is about 10 months old now and if you follow me on Instagram you know plenty about her. Really all you need to know is that she is ALWAYS in someone’s lap. She’s the most snuggly dog we’ve ever met…and we wouldn’t change her for the world. 

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May 8, 2020


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