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Wife, dog mom, photographer, and lover of beautiful homes. I’ve been photographing families, lovers, and mamas for years over at Shannan Leigh Photo, but recently, I’ve felt a pull to create in other ways.

I’ve always felt joy in creating a home I love, but as I got older and had to learn to juggle new (often ugly) parts of life, I realized just how much my home meant to me. It’s the place I feel safe, the place I feel calm, the place where I can be unapologetically myself, and the place that keeps me together. I believe that creating a home you love isn’t just about making something look pretty, or buying all the newest stuff. Often, it’s about feeling a sense of accomplishment. It’s about looking around at the end of the day and feeling proud of the things you created. It’s about being able to breathe when you walk through the front door, and learning to find inspiration everywhere you go. I found the best version of myself inside the walls of this little house on Lemon St., and I hope that this space can inspire you to do the same.

I’m Shannan–

An intentional space for inspiration and creation


welcome to shannan leigh

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