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Baby Essentials : What We Actually Used in the First Two Months

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Well, it’s official, we are out of the “newborn” stage and onto the “infant” stage with our baby boy! I have had so many mixed emotions in the first two months of motherhood. It’s so relieving that he is finally getting his sleep down and only waking once, but accepting that he can’t stay tiny forever is soul crushing. I’ve learned to enjoy his new exciting skills and let go of the newborn stage a little at a time.

Anyways, onto the good stuff. I feel like when we made our registry there were all these things I thought we needed. Truthfully, we really did use A LOT of what I researched and bought. There are definitely things that make the start of motherhood a little bit easier.

Today I’m sharing what should definitely go on your registry. These are the things we used and continue to use almost daily in our house and I love them all!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on my link I may make a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. These are tools that I use and LOVE.

Here are details about some of our must have items! There are also extra linked below that speak for themselves!

  1. Natural Medicines : Gripe water, Gas drops, & Acetaminophen (for vaccination day!) were totally essential for Beau. He struggled, and still does, with gas and constipation and other digestive issues. So definitely glad we had these products.
  2. Crib Mattress & Sheets : We chose to Newton crib mattress because its virtually impossible to suffocate in. It’s completely breathable, Camrin even tested it out. We ended up moving Beau to the crib around 3 1/2 weeks. So this gave me a lot of peace of mind. For the crib sheets I went with the Burts Bees Baby organic crib sheet. It’s breathable, SO soft, and stretchy so theres no bunching or wrinkles which is great.
  3. Bath Time : Microfiber washcloths and body towels…for the first couple of weeks we could only give him beauty baths which was basically like giving him a quick rub down on his face and neck and hair with a warm washcloth. He really preferred to softness of the microfiber when we cleaned his little face. So that is a must. We use his rubber ducky that tells you the water temp at every single bath. Peace of mind that you’re not over heating them or making them cold. We just recently started using a bath seat which is also linked here. Beau loves it. I am so grateful that we got the padded knee rest for by the tub too because kneeling on tile is not a fun time. (Pro tip : put the towel in the dryer when you start bath time to keep baby happy after they get out!)
  4. Car Essentials : We got the Uppababy carseat and it’s really the best thing. Installing it is such a snap and it comes in an out so easily. Highly recommend. I also installed a seat protector to go under is to keep our leather seats safe from scuffing or tearing. Don’t forget to use a mirror so you can see them when you’re driving alone. The other things we loved having was his carseat cover. So great for keeping him protected when we were out in public and also helps me fall asleep if he’s struggling! Found this cute one on amazon that’s linked.
  5. Swaddles : We loved loved the Lou Lou & Co swaddles when he was super fresh! They are so stretchy so you can really pull it tight on them and they won’t wiggle out! As he got older we used a velcro swaddle because it was easier for middle of the night changings. Now that he’s over 8 pounds, we use the dreamland weighted swaddle sack and it’s been amazing for his little restless legs.
  6. Loungers : The Snuggle Me Organic infant lounger was what he slept in for the first month of his life…yes I do know about infant sleep safety so make this choice for yourself on what feels right for your baby! Beau loved his! We also use the Boppy for tummy time! it helps to get him up and off the floor and he is way happier propped up on this little pillow!
  7. Baby Wearing : Now that he is older (2 months) we use the Sakura Bloom Scout carrier and LOVE IT so much. But when he was so tiny and wobbly, I needed something more secure. So I ordered the Boba wrap and it was so great for him.
  8. Sound Machines : This is the most important thing we ever got I swear. Essential to sleep! We have two portable ones and then the hatch baby in his nursery! I keep a portable one clipped on his carseat!
  9. Eating : We opted for glass bottles to avoid toxic plastic chemicals. We love the Dr Browns wide glass bottles. Never used anything else, he loved them from the start. If you are formula feeding like us, I can’t say enough wonderful things about the Baby Brezza Formula Advanced Pro machine!! It’s like a Keurig for baby bottles and makes life a million times easier! Don’t forget your portable formula dispenser for on the go though!
  10. Pacifiers : There are newborn pacifiers linked below that we used for the first few weeks because they are incredibly lightweight and small. It made it so much easier for him to keep them in his mouth when he was sleeping. As he grew, he favored the Tommee Tippee lightweight pacifiers, also linked!
  11. Soaps & Lotions : We absolutely love Burt’s Bees Baby for just about everything in Beau’s life…we use their soap, their lotion, their jammies, everything. Can’t recommend it enough.
  12. Clothes : The Gerber white onesies are the most essential basic for having a newborn. They come with built in foldable mittens which is a huge life saver when they are fresh! He lived in them for the whole first month of his life! For jammies, we love anything with a reversible zipper, gowns, and anything soft! Linked some of our faves!


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January 25, 2022


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