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Pregnancy – Our Gender Reveal!

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Our sweet little miracle baby is a……

A BOY!!!

Sweet baby boy, you shocked us all when we found out you were gonna be you. Now I just can’t imagine it any other way. Feels like you were meant to be ours all along and you’re not even here yet.

Sometimes I feel like I’m already not doing enough for you, and I worry that I won’t be what you need….but I do know I’m gonna love you so hard, I already do.

There is a whole mess of people in this life who already cry over how much they love you. We’re lucky to have them all and now you are too.

My handsome husband, I can’t wait to see you be the best dad to our boy. I hope, with my whole entire heart, that he’s just like you. I love you.

Counting down the days until we get to hold you in our arms and show you your world.

Photos by our dear friend Angelica Marie Photo !

I shared a few behind the scenes of us finding out about this baby boy (we were SHOCKED!!) and sharing it with our friends, over on Instagram! You can watch it all in my pregnancy highlights!

Here are a few more moments from our gender reveal shoot!

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September 28, 2021


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