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How To Make Your Bed Like Pottery Barn

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Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on my link I may make a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. These are tools that I use and LOVE.


I think we have all done it…you know…you walk into pottery barn and you wonder how the heck you can make your own bed look like such a sanctuary. It’s an art really…how they make a bed in that store.

But guess what, I know the secret and I’m gonna tell ya what it is!

Many many moons ago I worked at Pottery Barn and it was my job to make those beds! So today we’re going to walk through each part of that bed and how to make it at home (without all that expensive bedding they use šŸ˜‰ )

P.S. You can catch my video of this process here!

So first, let’s start with what bedding you should be using and how they get that ULTRA fluffy vibe we all want!

1. Sheets

This is totally a personal preference but, in our house, we ONLY use these sheets! They are under $30 and so soft you’ll think you’re sleeping on a cloud. We always opt for white bedding because it gives you a neutral base to build on with patterned or colored accessories. We also choose white because it’s the easiest to clean. I know what you’re thinking, “white is EASIER to clean??”. YES! White can be bleached. Which keeps things sanitary AND looking fresh. We use all white linens in our house for this reason! Keeps it simple.

2. Duvet Cover

We use this duvet cover because it’s made out of the same super soft material that our sheets are made out of, has a zipper closure instead of the usual buttons and has ties on the inside to hold your insert in place.

You might be wondering why you should choose a duvet cover instead of a simple comforter. Well, there’s two reasons in my book. One : washing a full comforter is hard. Especially if you have a king sized bed. Most people don’t even have a washing machine big enough for that. Two : you have no control over how fluffy a comforter is. One of the secrets to the infamous beds in stores like Pottery Barn is that they double (or sometimes triple) stuff their duvet covers…which brings me to number 3…

3. Down Insert

You can choose any kind of insert for your duvet cover. We use this one and its always been perfect for us. They come in different types like down or down alternative. They also range in temperature control. Some are for hot sleepers and some are cooler and more lightweight. The secret to those fluffy comforters you dream of is to use TWO inserts inside on duvet cover! This is a trade secret and makes ALL the difference! In this video of how we make our bed, there is only one down insert in our duvet because we just recently replaced an old one that didn’t allow us to tie it to the inside of the duvet cover…you’ll be able to see what a single insert looks like in this video, but we recommend 2 for extra fluff!

4. Blanket

I don’t mean a throw blanket. I mean, a blanket the size of your bed (king, queen, whatever you have). Choose one in an accent color, or one with texture to add depth! This will go in between your sheets and your comforter!

5. Footer

On any well-made bed, you’ll definitely see a blanket at the foot of the bed. It might be a small throw casually draped, or it could be a whole extra comforter tri-folded. We chose something in between and went with a king-sized quilt. This adds extra volume, texture. color, and warmth that can be used or unused depending on the time of year!

6. Pillows

First, you’ll choose the pillows you want to sleep on. We keep four of these pillow on our bed and use the pillow cases that come with our sheet set!

Second, you’ll choose accent pillows…this is a whole separate topic that we can cover in it’s own blog post, but just start by choosing the ones you love. My rule of thumb for a king bed is 3 large, 2 medium or small, and one lumbar! You can find all our throw pillows from the bedroom below!


Now that we’ve got everything we need, let’s jump to the part where we put it all together and make that dreamy bed to climb into at night!

The best way to absorb this info is to watch me make our bed here! But here’s a quick step-by-step just in case!

  1. Put your sheet on nice and tight
  2. Add your flat sheet. Starting by lining it up with the very top of the mattress (or head of the bed). Pull it tight and tuck it all the way around leaving about a foot untucked at the top.
  3. Add your chosen blanket using the same process as you did for your flat sheet. Tucking it up to the same point and pulling it tight on all sides.
  4. Put your stuffed duvet over top, again lining it up to the head of the bed. If you have a footboard on your bed, tuck the duvet in only there, not on the sides. Smooth and fluff out any wrinkles.
  5. Take the top of the duvet and fold it in half down to the foot of the bed. Then take that same piece and fold it backwards in half again creating a trifold.
  6. Go back to your blanket and sheet at the top of the bed and fold them back (one at a time) to meet the duvet. Folding the sheet a little shorter than the blanket to create a layered look. The trick to this part is to tuck it on one side and then, from the other side, pull it as tight as you can and tuck it. (This part is important!)
  7. Add your foot of the bed blanket. This can be done however you prefer, but we trifold it to the size of whats left below the duvet trifold.
  8. Add your pillows! First your sleeping pillows then your decorative ones!

If you can’t visualize these steps, be sure to watch the video!

Now you can jump in that beautiful bed and sleep soundly knowing you mastered the look!

Hope you love it! Share your bed on Instagram and tag me @Shannan__Leigh!

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February 19, 2021


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