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Organizing Our Hall Closet

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After 3+ months of quarantine we were feeling pretty blah. I thought that tackling some big messes in our house would leave us feeling a little more refreshed, and it totally did!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on my link I may make a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. These are tools that I use and LOVE.

I’m sharing the complete and total overhaul of our “junk closet” and how we went from this before, to this after!

I took a poll on Instagram stories and found out that almost everyone has a similar closet or drawer in their house that needs some serious love! That made me feel a whole lot better about sharing this hot mess closet. The good news is that, since this project, it’s really inspired us to tackle other spaces that need some more organzing to make life run more smoothly. The difference it makes in our overall quality of life day to day when things are in their place is astounding really!

Keep scrolling to see more after pictures and to read more about our process for organizing and what products we love for these projects!

Let’s talk a little about how we get from that hot mess to the clean and tidy after photo! I’m breaking down our super simple process into a few easy steps that can be applied to any area of your home. This is a super basic step-by-step, but sometimes it just helps to see it in plain text!

  1. Remove absolutely everything from your space
  2. Wipe down any surfaces
  3. Sift through everything one-by-one and separate your items into categories, throwing away anything you don’t use on a regular basis
  4. Label items that aren’t obvious, like types of cords and chargers
  5. Find the best way to fit all your storage containers/baskets
  6. Label your bins by category for easy locating

We get most of our storage pieces from The Container Store because they make organizing so simple and user friendly…besides, you can’t NOT be inspired by their website or just by walking into their store. You’ll leave ready to tackle every little corner in your house! I’m linking all of these products + more below in the “Shop This Post” section! Except the 3 drawer dresser which you can find here! (We bought it for $40 at Ikea and painted it in White Cloud by Benjamin Moore!)

These cute labels are from Etsy (linked below!). I had them printed at FedEx on white matte card stock and used a self sealing laminate sheet from Target to protect them from folds or tears. The instructions are so simple and all you need is a pair of scissors!

I applied them to each basket with 3M velcro pieces which really made the whole thing so easy! Now I can move them and change them out when I inevitably decide to relocate things! ha! I think the labels completely pulled this project together and makes everything look so clean cut. Plus, now we can find and store things without having to pull the containers off the shelves, so convenient! 

We have got some big projects coming up here soon, but I’d love to know what you’d like to see me organize next? The garage? Under the kitchen sink? Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re struggling with or send me a DM on INSTAGRAM!

And don’t forget to pin this for when you’re brave enough to take on that hot mess!


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July 3, 2020


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