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Here at Shannan Leigh Home, you’ll find the things that make up our life and home. Like what I've learned in my journey to and through motherhood, life updates, products we love and use in everyday life, and functionally designed spaces in our home. I hope this space inspires you the way others have inspired me. I hope it sparks an idea in you when you’re dreaming up your own life, or when you’re feeling stuck. I hope it encourages you to get up and do something creative...

first time mom to a little boy named beau, MISCARRIAGE ADVOCATE, gluten + dairy free pro, LOVER OF HOME DESIGN, and married to my best friend of 15 years. (hi, cam!) Together, we share a little house on Lemon St.

I’m Shannan Leigh.

I’m so glad you found this little slice of internet.


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For B’s birthday party I wanted something sweet and childlike, something that wasn’t too overdone, and something neutral while I can still call the shots (because we all know in another couple years he will be dictating all color palettes and themes! ha!)

We decided to do our own spin on the “one sweet boy” theme.

January 27, 2023


Beau’s Milk & Cookies Birthday

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