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Beau’s Milk & Cookies Birthday

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I can’t believe that we are here…chatting about our son’s first birthday! I look back on some of my older blog posts that I wrote through our struggles to get here and remember feeling like this is all I ever wanted. It’s wild to be living it now, and to love him more than I ever imagined!

For B’s birthday party I wanted something sweet and childlike, something that wasn’t too overdone, and something neutral while I can still call the shots (because we all know in another couple years he will be dictating all color palettes and themes! ha!)

We decided to do our own spin on the “one sweet boy” theme. Centering the decor and food around milk & cookies rather than the usual donuts that people choose (which is also cute!). I’m very into browns and creams lately and it felt like the perfect colors for fall too, so that’s how we ended up here!

Sharing some shots from the day and details below! Keep reading!



Bounce House & Photo Backdrop : Popfest Co

Balloons, Thank You Board, Milestone Board : Family Friends ( reach out if you want their info ! )

Food : We went with a Taco Company that comes and cooks for you. If you’re local to LA it’s called OMG Catering. We also used them for our baby shower and they are fantastic and a huge hit with guests!

It was the best day celebrating our boy! He bounced the day around & ate tacos and cake and snuggled with all his favorite people! So thankful we were able to get everyone together!

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January 27, 2023


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