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Updating My Target Mirror

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If you missed it on Instagram, this mirror has been giving me a run for my money recently. When we originally bought it it was a darker wood color. At the time, I wanted something a little more coastal so we sanded it down to a lighter raw wood. We loved it for a while, but recently, It hasn’t been fitting in with the direction the room is heading in.

A few weeks ago, I painted it black, and pretty much immediately decided I didn’t love it. So yesterday I painted it in a lighter neutral shade and it feels juuuust right!

I think eventually we will be adding a frame TV to this space for form and function. That’s why I decided to paint the mirror we had instead of scrapping it and finding something new! I definitely recommend making what you have work until you can nail down exactly what you really want! It’ll save you money in the long run and a headache too! Trust me!

Paint Color : Ball + Twine by Sherwin Williams

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November 4, 2020


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