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Collection Prints – My Picks

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Note: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning that if you make a purchase after clicking on my link I may make a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. These are tools that I use and LOVE.

Do you ever see those gorgeous fine art pieces on Amber Interiors instagram? Or maybe over at Mcgee & Co? I’ve fallen in love with them, and then clicked the shop button and realized they were LITERALLY $3k…that was a short lived love affair. 

I love the fine art vintage look of those pieces, but I hated the price tag and I think I might be missing that vintage hunting gene, because I never seem to have luck at it.

For these reasons and more, I was ECSTATIC when Katie Staples over at Halfway Wholeistic decided to launch her new fine art prints collection! Katie is a client over at Shannan Leigh Photo and I always love when I can support friends in their art and business! I already knew I was going to buy them before I saw them…but then she launched and, seriously, my jaw hit the floor. (Ask Cam, I think I may have hit him in excitement! ha!). 

The best part? They are all $20! She set it up so that you download a digital file and have it printed yourself. It’s super easy and affordable. I just ordered two for myself and I’m so excited to show you where we’re putting the second one! In the meantime, I wanted to share my favorites with you guys! I’ll link each piece below!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Once you download your digital copy, you can have it printed anywhere you like! Here’s how I print mine:

  1. Go to Fedex & email the file to
  2. Tell them you want it printed in Matte Cardstock paper
  3. It costs $1.50 for an 8×10 print! Doesn’t get easier than that!

Hop over to Instagram to keep an eye out for my post on where we hung our Countryside (1) print!

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May 14, 2020


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